What To Expect During A Neuropsychological Evaluation


Prior to beginning testing or treatment, you will meet with one of our Clinical Neuropsychologists for a comprehensive interview that gathers information about the presenting problem, your history, and the goal of the evaluation. This appointment typically lasts one hour.

Testing Appointments

After the initial interview, if it is determined that neuropsychological or psychological testing would best serve your needs, you would be scheduled for testing appointments. Testing is typically conducted over one to two sessions, with each session lasting approximately two hours. These may be longer or shorter, depending on your needs.


In most situations, you and your family members (if you choose) return for a 30 minute appointment following the testing to review test results. At this appointment, we provide personalized recommendations for follow-up.

A written summary of the evaluation is usually provided to the referring provider, and if requested, to the patient.

At the time of feedback, we are happy to help facilitate referrals to other professionals or assist with initiation of treatment recommendations.