Primary Brain Tumors

Treatment for these types of tumors can include chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. Certain types of chemotherapy, such as Temodar, is prescribed at ANSC and taken at home. Other types of chemotherapy, such as Avastin, is given via intravenous infusion at the ANSC infusion center. Dr. Blondin works closely with radiation oncologists and neuro-surgeons throughout southern Connecticut in order to provide comprehensive care to patients with primary brain tumors. 

ANSC neurologists, including Dr. Blondin, are the only physicians in Connecticut certified to prescribe the NovoTTF-100A device. This device is FDA-approved for the treatment of relapsed glioblastoma. With the use of the NovoTTF-100A device, some patients can achieve a long-term remission of their tumor. (

Dr. Blondin also provides treatment to patients with Tuberous Sclerosis, a genetic condition that can result in the formation of brain tumors. (