Concussion Center

What is the Concussion Center at ANSC?

The Concussion Center at Associated Neurologists of Southern, CT represents a center of excellence. It was developed in response to queries from the community regarding best practices for the careful, rapid, and medically sound assessment of children and adults who have suffered a concussion, and frustration with the current, often fragmented delivery of care. The growing public awareness of the impact and possible long term ramifications of concussion and other neurological sports-related injuries, along with a Connecticut law requiring all concussed athletes to be evaluated by a medical professional was further impedance for the formation of the CC at ANSC.

What does the CC at ANSC do?

  1. Rapid Assessment: Adults and children, age six and older, with suspected concussion are seen at our Fairfield office in an expeditious manner, typically within 24 hours. Assessment of the degree of injury is made after careful history and examination. All patients are seen by our team, which includes neurologists, a neuropsychologist, and a physician assistant.

  2. Follow-up and Reintegration into school and sport: Sound medical and scientific principles are utilized to formulate a plan for safe and timely reintegration to sport and school activities, and are communicated to the school (teachers, nurse, trainers, etc.). Most patients will be scheduled for a follow-up visit in 7-10 days, at which time decisions regarding further testing, and back to school, and sport guidelines are modified or removed. Further visits and additional testing will depend on the rate and degree of recovery.

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