Behavioral Oncology & Support Services

Our Approach to Wellness

At ANSC, we focus on the whole person, mind, body and spirit in order to foster healing and well-being. Our trained and experienced staff will work with you to provide support, education and most importantly, hope, as you learn to live as fully as possible with a cancer diagnosis.

Neuropsychological Oncology Services

Neuropsychological testing can be useful in certain cases.  For many people undergoing systemic chemotherapy, the experience of “chemo-brain” is common. ”Chemo-brain” refers to a subjective sense of mental fogginess, difficulty focusing, or a hard-to-define sense that you are not as mentally sharp as you were before.  Neuropsychological testing can help to determine any problem areas in your ability to think or concentrate, and also help to determine the role of your emotional status and fatigue on your cognitive function.

For individuals who are receiving targeted chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery on the brain or nervous system, pre- and post-treatment evaluation is useful to determine in what ways, and to what degree, the treatment has affected your cognitive functioning.

This can be especially helpful for people who, because of their illness or treatment, are applying for disability.

For people who do experience changes in their ability to think and concentrate, memory problems, or changes in their mood as a result of their treatment or disease, evaluation may also be helpful to find ways to improve the situation either through rehabilitation or learning ways to cope with your difficulties.